We create unique, tailored murals for businesses & private residences.

Tales we've completed:

Merri Community Childcare and Kindergarten
Commissioned by Darebin City Council, we met with Helen Evdokimou, the director of Merri Community Childcare and Kindergarten, and Wurundjeri Elders to come up with a concept to cover the 30 metre wall at the kindergarten. In Wurundjeri Dreamtime lore Bunjil, a wedge-tailed eagle deity, created all the flora and fauna and Waa, a giant crow, is a protector. We decided to bookend the piece with these two figures and in between them fill the space with kids discovering and exploring nature. The bird deities at either end are the children's guides and guardians.


Radio Drive Pt 3
For the third mural at Radio Drive the client's brief was to include native Australian plants. Featured in the piece are Silver Banksia and Spreading Wattle. The concept is centred around a botanist and her assistant: they are discovering the third of three flowers that they have been searching for and collecting. Their plan is to bring it back to the sanctuary (the entrance of which is featured in Radio Drive Pt 2).


Romeo Court
For their newly born baby's room, a couple asked for an arctic scene. Our idea was to have a boat full (except for the unfortunate swimming penguin) of young arctic animal friends returning from an adventure to a welcoming polar bear king. 


Strickland Avenue
A couple chose to buy a new home rather than go on an African Safari. We were asked to bring a safari to their lounge room. Our concept was a father giraffe telling numerous animal kids of the legend of a fire-breathing giraffe that used to scare all the other animals away (including cheetahs).


Clayton & Me
A new café in Reservoir is named after the owner's two sons: Micah & Clayton. The name of the café is from the elder son's (Micah) perspective - Clayton & Me, ie. Micah. The brief therefore, was to do some of Micah's favourite things on the café's courtyard walls. We decided on a triceratops, a monster truck & a skateboarder.

Pelligra Cakes
30 years ago Santino Pelligra opened Pelligra Cakes on Main St, Greensborough. Recently the Sicilian family has renovated and expanded, now occupying two adjacent buildings. The two big rooms are separated by a bare hall and needed a story on that hallway wall. Our concept was to portray a master chef pouring a unique icing, while around her her employees are retrieving the ingredients for said icing from exotic locations, with Sicilian references.

Radio Drive Pt 2
A follow on from Radio Drive Pt 1, this wall is located at the same residence but looking onto their patio. This part of the story follows a family of Australian green tree frogs that have arrived at Radio Drive. They wish to gain entrance to the underground sanctuary, however, there is a wedge-tailed eagle and his native bird cronies guarding the glass-encased key and sanctuary entrance.

The Train Yard w/ Sean Morris
A burger and ribs café/bar in Heidelberg. We were given a fairly open brief for this one. After throwing ideas back and forth we eventually landed on a Mad Max meets Gulliver's Travels vibe with a splash of sci-fi.
You can find Sean's work at @sean__morris on Instagram.

Radio Drive Pt 1
Once the location of a radio tower, Radio Drive now has private residences on it. Along with the elements from the brief (Australian native animals), our concept was to illustrate a 'guide' to Radio Drive. The echidna sage is emitting a holographic map for the other native animals to use to find Radio Drive. 

The long-time coffee roasters wanted to show at their café on Brunswick Street that they didn't just pour coffees, but sourced and roasted beans too. The brief was to illustrate the process of making a coffee - from roasting and delivering beans to then grinding beans and pouring milk.